Electric Smart electric Longboards

Elektro-Smart mit Elektro-Longboards

The Daimler group belonging to the small car brand Smart presents at the International automobile exhibition (IAA), a new Concept Car. The smart fourjoy is a compact four-seater with electric drive, with two electric-powered Longboards on the roof in the last meters in the dense city traffic a emission-free drive guarantee. At the same time the model gives already an insight into the proportions of the four-seater series Smart, the end of 2014 arrives on the market. This follows on the four-seater Smart forfour, which remained behind the sales expectations back in 2006, was set.

Its compact dimensions (length/width/height: 3.49/1.98/ 1.49 meters) mark the Smart forjoy as a typical city car, it is even a good 25 inches shorter than the Smart forfour. No doors, rear window and roof panel of the concept car is seen at the Frankfurt motor show, the smart fourjoy will not roll, but probably in the city.

Elektro-Smart mit Elektro-Longboards

Emission-Free Electric Drive

In the rear housed an electric drive is based on the current smart fortwo electric drive, which is a range of 140 km and a top speed of 125 km/h. The 55 kW permanent-magnet motor , the smart fourjoy is agile and lively to drive. The Lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 17.6 kWh. Completely drained, the battery is in the electricity systems of most countries with a charge time of a maximum of seven hours at a household outlet or charging station to charge back to full. With the 22 kW on-Board charger and a rapid charging cable, the charging time can be shortened to a Wallbox or public charging station in under an hour.

Elektro-Smart mit Elektro-Longboards

Electric boards and helmets

On the roof of the smart fourjoy two Longboards are fastened. With these electrically driven Skateboards distances can be short in the city locally emission-free. Appropriate helmets are housed behind the rear seats. There is also a High-Definition is attached to the camera, the handle with a hand out. So action videos, when you Longboard, you can Go to record and, later, in the social networks, share with your friends.

Elektro-Smart mit Elektro-Longboards

Video: Official Trailer for the Concept Car

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