GoNote Mini: Cheap 7″ Android touch screen Netbook for kids

GoNote Mini: Günstiges 7″ Android Touchscreen Netbook für Kinder

The GoNote Mini is a blend of Netbook and Tablet with a 7-inch Touchscreen and the latest product from the British manufacturer Ergo Electronics. The Android – based Netbook GoNote Mini is with its cheap price to children, young people and students and is well-especially in class rooms.

Hybrid of Netbook and Tablet

The GoNote Mini has a 7-inch touch screen and a compact keyboard, which is not, however, support for adults. The Netbook-Tablet Hybrid has a 1.2 GHZ processor and 1 Gigabyte of memory, and it is based on the Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” Betriebssysytem.

Target group children and students are

The GoNote Mini Android Netbook should be, above all, children education Apps and learning games to, and the reasonable price , the “Digital divide” to overcome, which low-income families in high-technology focused era often at a disadvantage. A small Webcam and a camera to children in a playful manner, the first camera to explore. By means of a Micro SD card makes the memory capacity of the GoNote Minis to 4GB to expand.

GoNote Mini: Günstiges 7″ Android Touchscreen Netbook für Kinder

Cheaper Entry-Level Price

With a low starting price of 99 GBP (117 EUR) is the device, in particular, to young beginners to the “Mobile Computing”. The GoNote Mini is available in the UK from mid-April. A market launch in the German speaking area is still to be determined.

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