Honda Odyssey Touring Elite: The most expensive vacuum cleaner in the world?

Honda Odyssey Touring Elite: Der teuerste Staubsauger der Welt?

At the New York Auto Show of 2013, presenting Honda its new Odyssey Touring Elite. The spacious Minivan offers just as its predecessors, a lot of space, but with a new, unexpected feature : a built-in vacuum cleaner. Well hidden in a side compartment you will find the “HondaVAC” in the future for even more cleanliness .

2014-he model is still of high quality

Honda Odyssey Touring Elite: Der teuerste Staubsauger der Welt?

With a revised front design and rear lights in LED technology, the Honda Odyssey is not only the modern special is also of high quality. The driver is a touch-screen Display available operating a collision warning system and a lane departure warning .

Built-In Vacuum, HondaVAC

Jokingly can be said that the Honda Odyssey Touring Elite is probably the most expensive vacuum cleaners of this world . The built-in HondaVAC saves, the pick of the hand-held vacuum cleaner out of the apartment and allows for the careful Vacuuming of the converted well to€ 35,000 for expensive Minivans , regardless of where it is. Although it is questionable whether it pays financially, especially since there are good hand-held vacuum cleaner such as the Philips FC6148/01 (test winner in to approximately 62 euros.

The HondaVAC, the name of the vacuum cleaner, the car itself. The collection container and the Filter can to drain from the storage compartment in the trunk taken out. The hose is also space in the storage compartment, extends up to the front Seats and can consequently be used, the whole car suck. Certainly a handy feature of Minivan owners also often used.

Honda Odyssey Touring Elite:

HondaVAC in-car vacuum cleaner in use:


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