MacBook Pro with Haswell processor appears

MacBook Pro mit Haswell Prozessor erscheint

Apple should, according to its MacBook Air models, MacBook Pro models with the more efficient Intel Haswell processor equip. However, it is still not fixed, all MacBook Pro models with the Haswell processor to be equipped or just the one with Retina Display, which is still the highest resolution Notebook in the world (over 5 million pixels in the 15-inch model).

Higher performance, longer battery life

New MacBook Air models with Haswell processor have already been presented in the spring of 2013. The official announcement of the new MacBook Pros with the Haswell processor from Intel is expected in September. The new Intel Haswell processor promises more power in a lower power consumption, and both the speed increase and the battery last longer. With the new processors, the battery life of the MacBook Pro, which is similar to that of the MacBook Air is expected to be 10 to 12 hours. According to various Reports, also comes a new graphics chip from Intel, Iris Pro 5200 GPU.

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