Sony Play Station 4 comes in significantly cheaper than XBox One

Sony Play Station 4 kommt deutlich g√ľnstiger als XBox One

Some of the technical Details of the new Playstation 4 from Sony were already in the spring, now Sony has unveiled the new Playstation at the E3 exhibition officially. The housing is available in Black, interrupted by a blue stripe. The Playstation can be provided as in the past, flat or vertical. Processor and graphics chip coming from AMD.

Many Of The New Releases

To the over a hundred Games already in the first year of the new Playstation 4 will be available, include “Final Fantasy XV” and “The Order 1886”. Existing Playstation Plus memberships will go on the new game console. A Online authentication, such as in the case of the new XBox One from Microsoft is not needed. The playing of Games second Hand should easily be possible. For the Multiplayer use of a Playstation Plus subscription is required.

Sony Play Station 4 kommt deutlich g√ľnstiger als XBox One

Cheaper than XBox One

The Sony Playstation 4 in Europe from the end of the year for 399 EUR will be available and is about a hundred euros cheaper than the new game console from Microsoft The XBox One is 499 EUR cost. Sony sets the focus of its new Playstation still games, while the new XBox One is designed as a media centre for the home.

Video: Sony’s Playstation 4 Presentation

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