Super sports car with Eco-drive

Supersportwagen mit Öko-Antrieb

In the combination of a four cylinder with two electric motors, the Hybrid sports car, the Jaguar C-X 75 overall, from the massive 850 HP powered. Noteworthy is the performance of the 1.6-Liter four-cylinder, which makes alone 502 HP (313 HP per Liter), and two electric motors with 390 HP of power, combined this gives about 850 HP for the eco-friendly super sports car.

Supersportwagen mit Öko-Antrieb

Achieved the sporty hybrid car has a top speed of over 350 kilometres per hour. However, the low CO2 emissions (<89 g/km) on the level of a small car in the city, and, for example, is even lower than in a new Fiat Panda. Jaguar is working now a good three years on the eco-friendly super sports car, so a mini series of circles be given in Experts is quite, the chances of Realisation.

Video: Jaguar C-X75

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