A good finish nailer that i’d like to marry

Hey folks, it’s been quite a while since my last post on this blog. I’ve been kinda busy looking for the best nail gun. But thankfully, i found one!

So, let’s talk about what kind of nail gun i like the most. I’m such a contractor guy that likes finish nailers the most. Why? That’s simple. It’s just what i need to do my job properly!

Finish nailers are used for delicate carpenty such as wall trims and moldings installation. Wall trims are those little wooden or vinyl things that are used to decorate the walls. They don’t look really good and has little use if you ask me. However, that’s what people like so be it.

So i just went to the amazon looking for the new nail gun, and after many hours of research i finally found a perfect choice! It was a Paslode 902400 finish nail gun, made of the most durable materials and engineered by the most talented people in the world. As you already seen in the title, it is a nail gun that i’d like to marry. I just fell in love with this stuff, i can’t stress enough how easy this thing for use. It’s like a perfect tool for nailing job.

Rather than other dull and uninteresting nail guns that need a air compressor to operate, the paslode doesn’t need one. It is self-sufficient and has its own power source. It is a gas nailer and uses a fuel cell to operate.

Those fuel cells are filled with flammable gas, that fills the gun piston. Next, a little spark comes out of the spark plug powered by li-ion battery, the gas explodes and drives the nail through the universe. It is a sophisticated yet easy to use device, which works somewhat similar like internal combustion engine.

Anyway, i like to confess that actually i didn’t owned this nail gun. I wrote this article just for fun, because i really like pneumatic tools so writing about nail guns is my hobby. I just got bored at work so decided to have some fun and write this article. Nothing personal here.

Let’s talk more about what kind of work can you perform with paslode 902400. First of all, you can order this in internet and film an unboxing video after you received your order. Such kind of work can be beneficial to the society, but that’s still questionable. Rather than doing unboxing videos, why not to use this nail gun for its intended purpose? Finish nailers can be loaded with 18 gauge nails and fasten some wooden planks together. You can even build a home out of wooden planks and nails. But honestly i’m not sure of that. You will certainly need more tools and construction materials. For example, some drywall, bituminous waterproofing, bricks and so on. You can’t build anything without these things even if you have a nail gun, or a regular hammer. But that’s just my opinion.

Stay in tune, i’ll get back soon with some new interesting advices about nothing.