Wireless Keyboard made of maple or walnut for Tablet, Smartphone and PC

Kabelloses Keyboard aus Ahorn oder Walnuss für Tablet, Smartphone und PC

The wireless Bluetooth keyboards from maple and walnut by the French manufacturer Orée is suitable for both Tablets and Smartphones, as well as in two different Layouts for the PC and Mac.

Hand-crafted from a single piece of wood

Orée means, translated from the French, as much as the edge of a forest, and could also for the target group of classy wooden keyboard . For those who like to ask to the architect’s office of the ancient suburban Villa a cold Keyboard made of metal? Also, sawmills, carpenters, or simply just wood lovers are the hand-made keyboards, which is made of a single piece of wood carved to be Like. Also a German keyboard layout is available.

Kabelloses Keyboard aus Ahorn oder Walnuss für Tablet, Smartphone und PC

Hand-Carved Illustrations

The AAA batteries are for several months, use enough. The wooden keyboard is for 125 Euro directly on the manufacturer’s Website. On request, the keyboard can also be used with hand-carved illustrations decorate. Due to the hand production must, with about five weeks wait plus shipping be reckoned with.

Leather case for the Keyboard

A practical leather case for the Keyboard is at the same time as “Monitor stand” to set Up a Tablet PCs to support of the same via the keyboard. This is for only 30 Euro .

Video: Orée Keyboard in the Test

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