Armed / Armed F 3901 Hand Supporter p.L


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Armed / Armed F 3901 Hand Support p.L

The holder is designed to be used after applying a plaster or linge dressing on the upper limb to form a correct and comfortable position of the injured limb. The support can be used for shoulder-blade periarthritis, habitual shoulder dislocations, for subluxations, for bruises, myositis, during rehabilitation periods after various injuries and operations. The support provides an easy fixation of the upper limb. The supporter creates unloading of the scapula and shoulder joint.


The support is made of composite materials.
The supporter is worn on the body or on cotton fabric, as prescribed by the doctor


  • cotton - 45%
  • synthetic fiber - 33%
  • elastic - 14%
  • Lycra - 8%

Possible sizes: S, M, L

Size S - clothing size - 42 - 44
Size M - clothing size - 46 - 48
Size L - clothing size - 50 - 52