Zhezaton Biolift equipment for microcurrent therapy m708


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Zhezaton Biolift microcurrent therapy equipment m708

Zhezaton Biolift equipment for microcurrent therapy
The massager uses the latest wrinkle control technique - Ridolysis, which shows the effect after the first application. Galvanic function and microcurrents allow for anti-aging and anti-aging procedures.

The device with the function Ridoliza Beauty Iris Gezatone m708 - an effective tool to combat any wrinkles! The unique compact device, which is directed against the signs of aging of the skin: perfectly reduces the depth of wrinkles, significantly increases the elasticity and tone of the skin, rejuvenating it from the inside.

How to beat wrinkles?

Correction of wrinkles and their prevention is a complex task. Wrinkles appear inevitably and are especially noticeable in certain areas of the face: on the forehead, around the mouth and in the eye area, between the eyebrows. To combat wrinkles, many effective means have been developed, among which fillers are wrinkle fillers, which are injected intradermally by injection.
Those who are opposed to all kinds of injections are offered a revolutionary method of professional hardware cosmetology - ridolysis of wrinkles, which is not inferior in effectiveness to injection methods and is absolutely painless.

A wrinkle is a formation that is structurally similar to the scar; to eliminate wrinkles, the hardware method of ridolysis is considered the most gentle and effective, because it allows you to “fill” every wrinkle from the inside using the body’s internal reserves, stimulating the synthesis of “youth proteins” - collagen and elastin.
Professional cosmetologist at your home

Gezatone's innovative development, the Beauty Iris cosmetic harvester, is considered by experts and consumers to be the best and most compact “answer” to the signs of aging of the skin of the face, neck and decollete.

The main function of the device - Ridolysis is complemented by the action of such popular methods as galvanic currents and microcurrents for the most effective integrated effect on the processes of skin fading.

Mini Beauty Iris combine, like a professional beautician, in just a few sessions is able to restore the skin's radiance of youth and freshness, smooth and eliminate wrinkles, tighten the shape of the face.

Ridolysis + microcurrents + galvanic currents = wrinkle smoothing and anti-aging skin care Multifunctional rejuvenating facial massager Gezatone Beauty Iris m708 was developed based on three methods considered by cosmetology experts to be the most effective, but the most important weapon of the anti-wrinkle machine is the effect of microcurrents Lotti ridolysis. The impact of Lotto microcurrents can smooth out the deepest wrinkles and folds of the skin, stimulating the synthesis of collagen and elastin, filling the inside of the wrinkle.

The result obtained after the sessions with Gezatone Beauty Iris m708 will stay with you for up to six months, and after this time you can simply repeat the course again!

Gezatone Beauty Iris: forget about wrinkles!


Gezatone Beauty Iris: forget about wrinkles!

Combined use of Ridolysis, galvanic currents and special hardware cosmetics is considered the most effective solution to age-related facial problems.


Experts in the field of cosmetology, dermatology and aesthetic medicine advise you to do the procedures for redolysis with Beauty Iris at home, considering them to be effective and completely safe.

Independent studies have shown that the Beauty Iris device effectively rejuvenates the skin in just a few sessions, restoring beauty and freshness to it.

The positive result of its use in combination with hardware cosmetics is visible immediately after the first session.

Numerous positive reviews of Gezatone Beauty Iris confirm its functionality, safety and effectiveness in combating age-related changes in the skin!

Who can use Beauty Iris?

If you want to get rid of age-related changes in the skin, then the Beauty Iris cosmetic harvester will be of great assistance to you in this.

Users of younger age use the device for the prevention of emergence of wrinkles.

The areas of use of the device are the face, chin and decollete.
Safety and effectiveness of the device

Using Beauty Iris may be an alternative for those who are going to use collagen injections, fillers or other invasive measures to rejuvenate the skin. The method of ridolysis used in the device Beauty Iris is absolutely safe, as evidenced by numerous clinical trials.

You will get a visible result after the first session, but a course of regular procedures will give you the opportunity to “accumulate” a positive skin reaction.

For maximum results, the Beauty Iris procedure is best performed using hardware cosmetics manufactured by Beauty Style.

Face makeup when working with the Beauty Iris Gezatone device

For procedures with the device BEAUTY IRIS, you must use special cosmetics designed for hardware procedures. For different modes of operation of the device provides for the use of different cosmetic products to achieve an optimal result. Dry skin procedures are strictly prohibited.