Dr. Theiss lollipops sage with honey 50g


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Dr. Theiss lollipops sage with honey 50g

the combination of the extract with honey favorably affects the upper respiratory tract. When the throat is irritated, it is able to have a calming effect, and also eliminates hoarseness and throat.


should not be taken with diabetes, pregnancy, individual intolerance contained in the lozenges components, breastfeeding.

special instructions

Before you start to use lozenges, it is recommended to consult a doctor.


The following active ingredients are included in the lollipop: medicinal sage extract, honey. Auxiliary substances are: citric acid, flavoring agents (medicinal sage oil and Swiss herbs extract), water, glucose syrup, sugar.

Mode of application

Adults need to take three to five lozenges a day, holding the candy until it is completely absorbed in the mouth.