Mirroll oil sea buckthorn 50ml


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Mirrolla oil, sea buckthorn 50ml

An additional source of linoleic acid and beta-carotene. Possessing a unique set of vitamins, biologically active substances, microelements, Mirrol sea-buckthorn oil has a tonic and tonic effect on the body.

Searolk oil "Mirrolla":

- promotes healing of difficult healing wounds, external and internal ulcers, burns;
- has some antitumor properties;
- removes from the body salts of heavy metals;
- increases the elasticity of blood vessels, has anti-sclerotic effect;
- improves the cardiovascular system;
- normalizes fat, protein and cholesterol exchanges;
- positively affects the function of the thyroid gland;
- normalizes the liver, prevents its obesity.

Sea buckthorn oil contains many vitamins P, A, E, serotonin, carotenoids, tocopherols, glycerides of oleic, linoleic and palmetinic acids, stearins, etc.