Mirrolla cosmetic oil Nettle 100ml


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Mirrolla oil cosmetic Nettle 100ml

Mirrolla cosmetic oil Nettle
Nettle oil - has a softening and toning effect on the scalp, makes hair shine, prevents hair loss and cross-section, increases blood circulation, regulates the sebaceous glands, prevents dandruff

Cosmetic oils "Mirrolla" - your little beauty secret!

  • Cosmetic oils "Mirrolla" - a natural concentrate of vitamins and biologically active substances derived from natural plant materials.
  • Cosmetic oils "Mirroll":
  • retain elasticity and freshness of the skin;
  • significantly slow down the aging process;
  • saturate the skin with vitamins and non-saturated fatty acids;
  • have a strong anti-inflammatory, regenerating and antioxidant effects.