OLEOS / OLEOS Australian Tea Tree Cosmetic Oil Spray 30ml


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OLEOS / OLEOS Australian Tea Tree Cosmetic Oil Spray 30ml

Oil Natural Antiseptics of the Australian Tea Tree Cosmetic - spray.

Oil contains

terpinen-4-ol (up to 30%), cineol, pinene, terpinin, tsimin, sesquiterpine, etc. The essential oil is light, fluid, colorless. The aroma is tart, bitter-spicy, with a touch of wet wood. Essential oil is obtained by the method of steam distillation (distillation) from the green leaves of the plant

pharmachologic effect

  • It is a natural antibiotic and antiseptic.
  • Reduces the likelihood of contracting viral diseases.
  • One of the few oils that can be applied to the skin in its pure form.

Indications for use of the drug

  • accelerates the healing of burns, wounds, cuts, abrasions;
  • effective treatment for acne and pustular rash;
  • effective treatment for fungal skin lesions;
  • effective remedy for herpes on the lips;
  • effective remedy for removing warts and corns;
  • effective remedy for strengthening nails;
  • eliminates the effects of insect bites (redness, itching, swelling)
  • helps to mobilize the internal forces of the body.


Face and neck care

Daily care

: Apply a few drops of oil on the tips of the fingers and rub into the skin with light massaging movements.
To cleanse the skin of the face and neck, apply a few drops of oil onto a swab soaked in warm water and wrung out and wipe the skin.

Hair care

Add 10 drops of oil in a single portion of shampoo or hair balm.
As a mask: apply oil on clean, slightly damp hair and rub it into the scalp, then wrap the hair with a towel. Wash off the mask after half an hour with detergent.

For dandruff, pediculosis

Dissolve 30 drops of oil in 200 ml of shampoo, shake well. Wash your hair at least 3 times a week;
moisten the comb, brush with a solution of 3 drops of oil, diluted in a glass of hot water;
daily use a warm aqueous solution: to 50 ml of distilled water, add 30 drops of oil, shake well. Rub into hair before bedtime.

Local use

For herpes on the lips, moisten the cotton swab with oil and apply to the sore spot for 15-20 minutes. Use from 1 to 10 times a day.
For insect bites, rub oil into the affected area. Use from 1 to 10 times a day.
For acne (acne), apply 2-3 drops of oil to the infected area twice a day with a cotton swab, previously soaked in oil.

With small wounds on the skin

put a few drops of oil on the adhesive plaster and apply to the wound;
Lubricate the sore spot with oil and apply a gauze dressing soaked in oil on top. Leave for a few hours.
In case of burns, apply a sufficient amount of oil on the burned surface. The procedure is repeated twice a day.
For warts and papillomas, apply 4-5 drops of oil to the affected area. The oil should be completely absorbed. Repeat the procedure until complete recovery.
For nail fungus, apply the oil on the nail plate and massage first with your fingers, and then with a gauze cloth. Do not flush. Use daily until complete recovery.

special instructions

Wounds with a large area cannot be treated with oil!