OLEOS / OLEOS Calendula cosmetic oil with vitamin-antioxidant complex 30ml


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OLEOS / OLEOS Calendula cosmetic oil with antioxidant vitamin complex 30ml

Calendula oil is the carrier of all the beneficial substances contained in calendula flowers.


100% oil extract from calendula flowers, obtained by infusion; antioxidant vitamin complex: vitamin C (ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate), Flavor Plus antioxidant based on rosemary extract 0.3 g


CALENDULA oil is suitable for all skin types, even for very sensitive skin. It regulates sebum secretion, absorbs its excess, tightens pores. Used to care for oily skin and hair. Reduces inflammation of the skin, is used for acne. Biologically active substances in calendula flowers tone up, improve metabolic processes in skin cells, accelerate its recovery. Softens rough, cracking skin, prevents the appearance of scars, prevents the formation of scars. Increases skin resistance to aggressive environmental effects and weather. Contains a natural UV filter that helps protect the skin from sunburn.

Used for daily skin care, gives the skin firmness and elasticity.

Simply applying the oil to the skin is enough to restore the integrity and health of the cell membranes, and thus support all skin functions.


Store in tightly closed vials, at t from 5 to 25 ° С, in a place protected from direct sunlight.

After use, it is recommended to store in the refrigerator. When cooled, oil turbidity may appear, the structure of the oil is restored at room temperature.


- tired and loose skin;
-problem skin, acne;
- for care of sensitive and children's skin;
-For everyday care of the skin of the mixed type;
- for care of the coarsened, cracked skin;
- for hair care;
- to protect the skin from frostbite and sunburn;
-when insect bites.

Precautionary measures:

Before starting a cosmetic procedure, it is necessary to test for the absence of an allergic reaction. Apply one drop of cosmetic oil (or blends with essential oils) to the inner surface of the forearm or behind the ear.The use of the test oil is possible if after 2 hours there is no allergic reaction on the skin.

Do not use if you are hypersensitive.
Do not apply inside.