OLEOS / OLEOS hemp cosmetic oil with antioxidant vitamin complex 30ml


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OLEOS / OLEOS hemp cosmetic oil with antioxidant vitamin complex 30ml

Transparent liquid that does not contain extraneous inclusions, light yellow color


100% hemp oil

Hemp oil is a highly effective natural remedy for skin and hair care. It has a high content of unsaturated fatty acids, contains the amino acids necessary for the skin, vitamins and trace elements.

Precautionary measures
Before using the oil, it is necessary to test for the absence of an allergic reaction. Apply one drop of oil on the inner surface of the forearm or behind the ear. The use of the test oil is possible if after 12 hours there is no allergic reaction. Do not use if you are hypersensitive. Do not apply inside.


Hemp oil is used to restore optimal moisture of the skin, increase its elasticity and elasticity, improve the structure of the hair, strengthen the nails. Improves the condition of oily, porous skin.


Individual intolerance


Body care
To strengthen and soften the skin, mix hemp oil with macadamia oil in equal proportions 1: 1. The mixture can be enriched with essential oil, suitable for your skin type (2 tablespoons of the mixture 5 drops of essential oil). Apply to the skin of the body with light massage movements after taking a bath or shower and massage until completely absorbed.

Face and neck care

To improve skin elasticity, mix 15 ml of hemp oil with 50 ml of low-fat sour cream. Add to the mix 10-15 g of chopped parsley. Add 1 egg yolk to the mask. Apply the mask to cleansed skin for 15 minutes, remove with a napkin, wash off the remnants of water.

Hair care

Mix 1 tablespoon of hemp oil, 1 drop of essential oils of bey and ylang-ylang. Rub the mixture into the hair roots and scalp. Spread the remaining oil over the entire length of the hair. Put on a plastic cap and wrap the head with a towel. After 2 hours, rinse hair thoroughly with shampoo. The mask will strengthen the roots and give the hair shine.

Nail strengthening

Mix 1 tablespoon of hemp oil and 2 drops of essential oils of incense, myrrh and lemon. To steam the hands, apply 1 drop of the mixture on each nail and cuticle with massage movements.

Hand care

To soften the skin of the hands and fingers, apply a few drops of hemp oil on the skin of the hands and gently massage. For the prevention of skin aging: in 1 tablespoon of hemp oil drip 1 drop of essential oils of incense and rosewood. Apply the mixture on the skin of the hands and body and massage until absorbed.