Amrus amuc03 axillary crutches large (height 180-200cm)


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Amrus crutches amuc03 axillary large (height 180-200cm)

Axillary crutches (height 180-200 cm)

  • the length of the crutch from 133 to 153 cm
  • (under growth from 180 to 200 cm)
  • the distance from the axillary support to the handle is from 39 to 54 cm
  • height adjustment step 2.5 cm
  • weight not more than 1.9 kg
  • maximum load up to 100 kg
  • height-adjustable axillary rollers made of aluminum
  • product lifetime is at least 2 years, warranty period is 12 months

Crutches serve to increase user stability when walking and reduce the load on the legs by transferring it to the upper part torso and arms.