Metal cane supporting (527)


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Support metal cane (527)

The cane is basic metal.
The support cane is intended for additional support and facilitating the movement of people with injuries and diseases of the lower extremities.

The supporting metal cane is made of rolled steel and is protected by a polymer coating, created using powder spraying.

The rubber tip has an inner diameter of 16 mm and an outer diameter of 30 mm, which ensures reliable adhesion to the surface.
Easy to use, the handle is made of polystyrene with a shagreen surface, there is a special hole for fastening the cord.

The length of the cane is 850-900 mm.
Cane weight - 420 gr.
Maintains a load of up to 100 kg.

Before use, consult your doctor.

This product can be made according to individual sizes and colors, as well as under the user weight up to 150 kg.