Gipofri fruit drink 1HE 10gr glucose (dextrose), cherry


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Gipofri drink fruit 1HE 10gr glucose (dextrose), cherry

Gipofri fruit drink 1HE 10gr glucose (dextrose), cherry


- produced in liquid form, which allows carbohydrates to instantly enter the blood and restore blood glucose levels.


- quickly and accurately raise low blood sugar to normal readings.

In the tube - 1 Bread Unit.
The tube contains 10 g of dextrose


water, dextrose, concentrated juice, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.

Shelf life

24 months.

Storage conditions:

in clean ventilated, protected from the sun rays rooms at temperatures from 0 C to +25 C and relative humidity of not more than 75%.

Mode of application:

unscrew the cap, remove the protective foil, drink the contents.

HYPOFREE is a complex of absolutely correct solutions for hypoglycemia: instant action, exact dose, pleasant taste and convenient use.

There are many ways to deal with bouts of hypoglycemia. In order not to harm their own health, it is important to choose not only the quick, but also the right one. HYPOFREE products - exactly what you need! This is a complex of absolutely correct solutions: instant action, exact dose, pleasant taste and convenient use. In the absence of special hypoglycemic agents at hand, a person is forced to use fast carbohydrates (sweets, packaged fruit drinks, etc.). This option is dangerous for two reasons. First, the blood sugar will rise only after the body has digested these products, and secondly, it is very easy to consume more sugar than is required.

HYPOFREE - the optimal solution! The basis is glucose - the only product of its kind, which works unmistakably with hypoglycemia, immediately raises the level of sugar to the desired limit, without causing unwanted reactions in the body.

Glucose (dextrose) is the only product that as quickly as possible raises blood sugar levels. The glycemic index of glucose is 100%. In normal foods, glucose is not found in its pure form.

The range of flavors is able to please everyone: the products are available in a large range of flavoring options and, at the same time, contain natural juice concentrate. Avid travelers will especially appreciate the format of release: compact packaging in the form of a tube is indispensable on the road, and a clear dosage will not allow the "jumps" of sugar and unpredictable consequences.

As fast as possible, but no more than necessary.