OLEOS / OLEOS Fennel ordinary essential oil 10ml


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OLEOS / OLEOS Fennel ordinary essential oil 10ml

Honey-sweet, warm, spicy, refreshing aroma of fennel frees from feelings of fear, loneliness, spiritual disappointment, restores emotional balance, gives a sense of confidence, enhances sensuality. Strengthens mental activity, stimulates memory. In the composition of oil mixtures is a means of "contouring" of the face and body. Increases the tone of loose, wrinkled skin, elasticity of the abdomen, hips and bust. Moisturizes dry skin. Used to narrow pores in oily and problem skin.


fennel ordinary essential oil 100%. Obtained by steam distillation.


Essential oils - highly concentrated herbal essences. In cosmetic purposes should be used only in a mixture with vegetable (base oils.

Before using the essential oil, it is necessary to test for the absence of an allergic reaction.

1 drop of essential oil mixed with 1/3 teaspoon of vegetable oil and put on the inner surface of the forearm or behind the ear, 2-3 drops of essential oil applied to a handkerchief and periodically inhale during the day. The use of the test oil is possible if after 12 hours there is no allergic reaction on the skin, headache, cough, shortness of breath, runny nose, swelling of the face.

Volume and release form:

10 ml dark glass bottles


Store in tightly closed bottles, at t from 5 to 25 ° C, in a place protected from direct sunlight.

Shelf life: 3 years