Natura Siberika eye gel cream from dark circles under eyes 30ml


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Natura Siberika eye gel-cream for dark circles under eyes 30ml

Cream-gel for eyelids Natura Siberica (Nature Siberika) was specially created for the most sensitive skin, because its formula is based on extracts of kurim tea and ginseng. The use of eye gel-cream based on the Kurim tea allows you to quickly and effectively remove traces of fatigue, puffiness around the eyes, which allows you to look really young.

In Tibetan medicine, it is the kurim tea that is called the plant king, and it includes almost all healing preparations. Its main effect is an increase in immunity. When using the extract of kurim tea in the formula of a cream-gel for the eyelids, the skin is toned, the blood circulation in the skin, as well as the natural defenses, are significantly improved. In turn, ginseng stimulates the renewal of skin cells, the moisturizing complex protects the delicate skin of the eyelids from drying out, and the vitamin complex restores the deficiency of vitamins A, C and E, as well as other mineral substances.