Doppelgerts asset for eyes with lutein No. 30 capsules


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Doppelgerts eye active with lutein №30 capsules

Special complex for the eyes and a source of antioxidants.
It acts antioxidant and protects the eye tissue from the effects of free radicals. It improves vision and reduces the risk of cataracts and retinal degradation.
Used to normalize the functional state of the visual organs.
Zeaxanthin and lutein are the main links of the antioxidant eye protection system. During evolution, relatively reliable protection against the danger of photodamage, the main components of which are carotonoids, appeared in the eyes. Among carotenoids, only zeaxanthin and lutein are able to penetrate completely into the retina of the eye and protect the eye with high quality. Such protection is needed so that we can see during the day and even more so in conditions of too dangerous or bright in its spectrum of light environment.
When he is born, a person receives the required dose of zeaxanin and lutein. But under the influence of harmful environmental factors and the devastating effects of blue light, the level of zeaxanthin and lutein decreases throughout life. A person is not able to synthesize carotonoids himself, therefore, in order to preserve a certain level of these important components, their daily entry into the human body is necessary.