La Rosh Pose Efaklar K + emulsion corrective for oily and problem skin 30ml


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La Rosh Pose Efaklar K + emulsion corrective for oily and problem skin 30ml

Daily targeted intensive exfoliation without the risk of skin irritation. Light moisturizing texture that does not contain oil. It is enriched with seboregulatory and antibacterial components. Gorgeous makeup base.

The emulsion blocks the oxidation of sebum, prevents the formation of black spots, smoothes the surface of the skin, and also provides a matting effect for 8 hours.

LHA TM is the only lipophilic keratolytic agent - improved penetration into the epidermis. Active at pH 5.5, neutral to skin. Cellular exfoliation.
Salicylic to-ta and Maliche ether to-you are hydrophilic keratolytics.
Glykasil + Zinc Pidolate have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.
Starch Derivative - a matting effect.
Thermal water La Roche-Posay eliminates irritation, moisturizes the skin.
The principal difference of innovation is ANTIOXIDANT EFFECTS (due to the content of CARNOSINE and VITAMIN E), which improves the condition of oily skin and prevents sebum oxidation, and the matting effect for 8 hours (due to the content of the AIRLICIUM ingredient (AERLTIUM))
High efficiency: - 86% microcomedo for 14 days.


For oily problem skin


Emulsion with a light, comfortable texture. Non-greasy, non-sticky.


Apply daily in the morning and / or evening to the whole face.