Lierak LIERAC HOMME wrinkle emulsion for men 50ml


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Lierak LIERAC HOMME wrinkle emulsion for men 50ml

A high concentration of regenerating components triggers the process of collagen synthesis and epidermis renewal, which significantly reduces the signs of aging. Perfectly moisturizes the skin.

Light emulsion.

SKINPOWER complex, consisting of 5 minerals and oligoelements (iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, manganese), thanks to this complex, the skin receives the necessary nutritional components to ensure optimal vital activity


stimulates cell renewal, stimulates collagen synthesis

Vitamin C:

antioxidant, stimulates collagen synthesis, improves complexion

Provitamin D:

regulates cell renewal


COMPLEX OF VITAMINS 5% - Retinol (encapsulated), Vitamin C, provitamin D, Glycerin. SKINPOWER 1%

Mode of application

Apply morning and / or evening to thoroughly cleansed skin.