Weleda 2in1 cleanser for normal and mixed skin 100ml


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Weleda 2in1 cleanser for normal and mixed skin 100ml

Deeply cleanses and tones the skin in a single dose.

Refreshing cleanser for normal and mixed skin penetrating deep into the pores cleanses the skin, and at the same time tones it and tightens the pores.
The fresh citrus scent of natural essential oils has a revitalizing effect on the skin and senses.
The refreshing 2 in 1 revitalizing agent (previously: Classic Iris Milk) is ideally combined with the products of the Iris, Pink and Pomegranate facial care lines. The skin looks clean and fresh and optimally prepared for future care. Good skin tolerance is confirmed by dermatological tests.

Mode of application:
Use in the morning and evening after applying cleansing milk, moisten a moistened cotton pad with tonic and wipe the face, neck and decollete area, avoiding the area around the eyes. Repeat until the cotton pad is clean. Then rinse your face with water.


The 2 in 1 refreshing cleanser is perfect for removing makeup. To remove makeup around the eyes, we recommend using almond oil for the face, not containing essential oils. Apply a few drops on a damp cotton pad and gently rub the area around the eyes.

Full composition:

water, a mixture of natural essential oils, soap based on olive oil, toffee root extract, witch hazel distillate, lanolin, alcohol.