Weleda Rosemary Soap 100ml


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Weleda Rosemary Soap 100ml

Soap with rosemary extract Rosemary Soap 100g.

Quality soap from the popular German brand Weleda to care for your skin.


  • Soap with rosemary extract gently cleanses your skin without disturbing its structure.
  • Does not tighten the skin. Does not cause peeling and irritation.
  • It has a natural composition and a pleasant refreshing scent.
  • Soap Weleda Rosemary Soap is convenient to use, forms a luxurious foam.

It can be used to cleanse the face, hands and the whole body, both in the morning and throughout the day.

Rosemary oil invigorates and refreshes, awakens the skin and smells good, raising the mood for the whole day.

The composition of this wonderful soap

Herbal ingredients include malt extract, natural essential oils, rosemary oil and salt.