Capilar foot gel 30g


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Capilar Foot Gel 30g


Kapilar Gel Flavozymes - These are related skin liposomes, created by patented nanotechnology.
With its structure, flavosomes mimic the structure of human cells, so they easily penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, bringing biologically active substances there: dihydroquercetin, troxerutin, vitamin PP. These substances help to protect, restore and rejuvenate the smallest blood vessels.

Action gel for the feet "Kapilar":

- improves microcirculation, increases the number of working capillaries;
- helps to reduce stagnation in the venous bed;
- has a vasotropic effect, strengthens the walls of microvessels (capillaries), reduces their permeability;
- reduces blood viscosity.


Kapilar foot gel can be used for:
- "fatigue" edema;
- feeling of heaviness, unpleasant and painful sensations in the legs;
- weakness of the venous circulation and lymphatic drainage;
- accelerates the resorption of hematomas (bruises), healing with bruises and sprains;
- prevents the appearance of vascular "stars";
- serves to prevent varicose veins.
Gel for feet "Kapilar" with flavosomes is used as a prophylactic agent with a tendency to varicose veins, edema, pain in the legs. Especially recommended for those who, by the nature of their professional activities, have a constant load on their legs.


liposomal dihydroquercetin - 2%;
liposomal troxerutin - 4%;
liposomal vitamin PP - 2%.

Mode of application

Apply a small amount of gel with a gentle massaging motion on clean skin of the feet until completely absorbed. It is recommended to wait some time until completely absorbed to avoid contamination of light-colored clothing. Apply 1-2 times a day.

Hypersensitivity or individual intolerance to the components of the product.