Foot Cream Foot Gel 100ml


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Foot Cream Foot Gel 100ml

Footprim Cooling Foot and Legs Gel Cooling Foot Gel, 100ml
Leg swelling in today's days is a frequent problem among women and men from an early age. The consequence of its manifestation - a long pastime on his feet, maintaining a sedentary lifestyle, driving a car, painful traffic jams caused this problem. Thus, there is a problem with the deterioration of blood circulation, the occurrence of a disease like tumbling, varicose veins.

Of course, in such cases, advice: move more, play sports, lead an active lifestyle.

But there is another solution!
Since ancient times, Bulgarian healers have treated the feet with herbs, herbal tinctures from the needle thistles. But prozvoditel Footprim (Footprim) invented a more effective cream that tones, cools, relieves fatigue. And you feel yourself rested and light man.

The composition of Footprim cream (Footprim) consist of:

  • needle thorn;
  • peppermint oil;
  • lavender oil;

Footprim Cooling gel for the feet, which consists of the following components that perform the following functions:

  • foot skin care;
  • relaxing effect on the walls of blood vessels;
  • improvement of blood circulation;
  • antibacterial action;
  • elimination of unpleasant smell.

Important Benefits of FoorPrim Cooling Foot Cream

- long cooling for 12 hours, release from heavy legs;
- antibacterial and bactericidal action;
- full speed decrease in the temperature of the legs;
- not leaving greasy marks, not soiling clothes, sofa, chair, etc.

This is confirmed by the majority of positive reviews from end customers, Footprim (Footprint) begins to show the result after the first application, and after a long 1-2 weeks of use, the cracks disappear. The cream is suitable for daily use. Easy to apply, quickly absorbed, does not leave a sticky and oily layer of cream on the skin of the feet.