Scholl gelactiv everyday insoles for everyday comfort for men


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Scholl gelactiv everyday insoles for everyday comfort for men

Release form
Insoles for shoes 1 pair per pack. Suitable for sizes 42 - 47 (before use, the required size should be cut along the appropriate marking lines).

pharmachologic effect

These insoles are designed specifically for effective absorption (depreciation) of shocks. The special design allows to reduce the excess pressure exerted on the feet for a long period of time.

GelActiv technology provides excellent shock absorption and cushioning thanks to an ergonomic gel insert placed inside the insole. GelActiv effectively absorbs micro-blows and reduces shock loads that occur when walking or running.
Scholl GelActiv insoles help reduce overpressure and effectively distribute it over the surface of the foot due to the double gel layer applied at the points of contact of the insole with the foot.

Indications for use

Insoles to prevent fatigue and discomfort in the legs. The hard layer plays the role of an instep and supports the foot and heel, while the softer layer provides shock absorption and absorption. It is possible to use in daily, working or sports shoes, in footwear on a flat sole.

Mode of application

Before use, cut the insoles according to the line that matches your shoe size, or to the size of your insole.
Remove old (or factory) insoles from your shoes and insert Scholl GelActiv insoles. Gel side must be facing down!
Change insoles as wear. The recommended duration of use of one pair is 6 months.

special instructions

Do not wash!
Wipe clean with a cloth moistened with warm soapy water.