Tiger eye ortho foot cream heel spur 75ml


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Tiger eye ortho foot cream heel spur 75ml

The calcaneus assumes the greatest burden when walking. If the body does not cope with this load, then ossification, called the heel spur, develops at the site of the tendon attachment to the heel bone. The process begins with inflammation of the connective tissue in the area of ​​the calcaneal tuber and ends with the deposition of calcium salts in this place. At the same time, there are pronounced painful sensations in the heel area that occur while walking and standing. The pain is so intense that a person is forced to tiptoe for fear of treading on the heel. The cream is designed to reduce the feeling of discomfort when walking (against the background of the heel spur, cracked skin in the plantar part of the heel, etc.).

Pharmaceutical action

• Softens the skin, contributes to the redistribution of the load. • Relieves inflammation at the initial stage of heel spur formation. • Pain relieves, eliminates the feeling of discomfort when walking. • Heats, increases blood supply in the tissues of the foot and heel. • Can be used in conjunction with special orthopedic insoles and liners - this reinforces the effect. And the presence in the cream of essential oils of lemon and juniper, with a pronounced antibacterial effect, will make the process of using insoles more comfortable.


Individual intolerance to the components of the product.

Mode of application

Apply the cream onto clean skin of the foot with light massaging movements. Let the cream soak. The procedure is preferably carried out after the foot salt bath. Use as needed, but at least twice a day (in the morning and in the evening). A good result is the use of the cream in combination with special orthopedic insoles and thrust bearings.