Metronidazole Nycomed 500mg №20 pills


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Metronidazole Nycomed 500mg №20 pills


- antibacterial, antiprotozoal (trichomonacid), anti-ulcer, anti-alcohol. The nitrogroup of the molecule, which is an electron acceptor, is built into the respiratory chain of protozoa and anaerobes (it competes with the electron transporting proteins, flavoproteins, etc.), which disrupts respiratory processes and causes cell death. In addition, in some types of anaerobes, it has the ability to inhibit DNA synthesis and cause its degradation.


Amebiasis, trichomoniasis, giardiasis, giardiasis, intra-abdominal infections (peritonitis, abscess), anaerobic infections of bones and joints, skin and soft tissues, female genital organs (endometritis, tubo-ovarian abscess), CNS (meningitis, brain abscess, central nervous system (meningitis, brain abscess), respiratory tract infections, central nervous system (meningitis, abscess of the brain), , empyema, lung abscess), endocarditis, pseudomembranous colitis, Helicobacter pylori eradication, chronic alcoholism, prevention of postoperative anaerobic infection. For external and local use: pink and acne vulgaris, bacterial vaginosis, nonhealing wounds, trophic ulcers.


Hypersensitivity (including to other nitroimidazole derivatives), pregnancy, breastfeeding, children age (excluding cases of amebiasis).
Restrictions on the use of: Diseases of the liver in violation of its functions (cumulation is possible), the central and peripheral nervous system.

It is a pharmaceutical drug. Use only as directed by your doctor.


Inside, during or after a meal.
Amebiasis: for adults - 600-800 mg 3 times a day for 8-10 days; children - 35-50 mg / kg / day, in 3 doses for 8-10 days.
Giardiasis: 15 mg / kg / day, in 3 doses for 5 days.
Trichomoniasis: for adults - by mouth, 400 mg 2 times a day for 5-8 days (if necessary, a repeated course after 4-6 weeks) or once 2.0 g or 250 mg 2 times a day for 10 days; simultaneous treatment of both partners. Children: 2-5 years old - 250 mg / day, 5-10 years - 250-375 mg / day, older than 10 years - 500 mg / day orally, and the daily dose is divided into 3 doses.
Giardiasis: Adults - 400 mg 3 times a day for 5 days or 250 mg 2 times a day for 10 days; children: 2-5 years - 250 mg / day, 5-10 years - 250-375 mg / day, older than 10 years - 500 mg / day orally, in 3 divided doses. After completion of treatment, a follow-up study on the completeness of the cure is performed after 2-3 months.
Eradication of Helicobacter pylori: 500 mg 3 times a day for 7 days, always in combination with other drugs.
Anaerobic infection: adults - 400 mg 3 times a day for 7-10 days; children up to 12 years old - 7.5 mg / kg 3 times a day.