Baptiste ORIENTAL Dry Shampoo 200 ml


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Baptiste ORIENTAL Dry Shampoo 200 ml

Batiste Dry Shampoo Pretty and Opulent Oriental - Batiste Dry Shampoo:
- effectively adsorbs sebum secretion products and external pollution.
- easy to use - after applying, comb your hair thoroughly, removing the remaining powder and all.
- after use, the hair remains clean, fragrant and full of energy.
- a great and indispensable product for active people, on the go, when it is not always possible to wash your hair with water as standard.
- perfectly revives greasy, dull and lifeless hair.
- suitable for any type of hair, you will have to choose from a wide range of options according to the color of your hair and your favorite fragrance.
- just magical, because it transforms your hair without water :-)


Shake the can before use.
Spray dry shampoo on hair at a distance of 30 cm.
Massage your head for a few minutes. During the massage movements with fingers dry shampoo penetrates into the hair shaft, absorbs dirt and grease, thereby restoring it.
Comb your hair thoroughly and they are soft and clean again.