Valoserdin 15ml fl.


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Valoserdin 15ml fl.

pharmachologic effect

Valoserdin is similar in composition and action to valocordine. The therapeutic effect of valoserdine is determined by the sum of the pharmacological effects of its constituent components. Alpha-bromizovalerianic acid ethyl ester has a sedative, antispasmodic and mild hypnotic effect; phenobarbital causes a mild sedative, vasodilating effect without noticeable hypnotic effect; Peppermint oil has a reflex vasodilator and antispasmodic effect.

Indications for use

Valoserdin is used for neurosis with increased irritability, insomnia; early stages of hypertension, mild spasms of the coronary vessels, tachycardia; spas-max stomach and intestines.


Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, pronounced dysfunction of the kidney and / or liver.

Side effect

In isolated cases, drowsiness may occur during daylight hours and slight dizziness, with a decrease in dose, these phenomena disappear.

It is a pharmaceutical drug. Use only as directed by your doctor.


100 g of solution contain: alpha-bromoisovaleric acid ethyl ester 2 g, phenobarbital 2 g, peppermint oil 0.14 g, marjoram oil (Spanish hop oil) 0.02 g

Mode of application

The drug is prescribed inside (before meals) 15-30 drops 2-3 times a day. With tachycardias and vascular spasms, a single dose is increased to 40-45 drops.

Storage conditions
List B. Store in a dark place at room temperature.