Aven Hydrans Optimal UV20 Leger 40ml moisturizing cream for normal and mixed skin


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Aven Hydrans Optimal UV20 Leger moisturizing cream for normal and mixed skin 40ml

Hydrans Optimal Leger moisturizer restores and constantly maintains perfect moisture due to the joint action of active substances: patented optimistic biocomponents reproducing specific molecules of the tear film of the eye, continuously distributing moisturizing substances, trio lipids and thermal water of Aven with softening and soothing properties. Hydrans Optimal Leger - a light, non-greasy emulsion - restores the skin’s natural balance, tenderness, elasticity and radiance, dullness. Moisturizes your skin, protecting it from the sun's rays. Your skin feels comfortable and dull.

How does it work?
Cleans: seboabsorbent capsules reduce sebum production and mate your skin.
Protects: sunscreens (UV 20) protect against photoaging.
Moisturizes *: moisturizing ingredients further ensure the penetration and distribution of Avene Dark Water in the skin and controls water loss.
Soothing: enriched with thermal water Av&№232;ne with its soothing and soothing irritation properties, the cream gently covers your skin.
* - Moisturizes the upper layers of the skin.

Is this right for me?

Hydrance Optimal HC Leger is suitable for normal and combination sensitive skin.


To apply in the morning or in the evening on ideally pure and dry skin.

VOLUME: Tuba 40 ml