Uryazh FIRST Moisturizing Stick 8 gr


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Uryazh FIRST Moisturizing Stick 8 gr



The first care for babies and children, a range of products for healthy skin of babies.

For skin types

  • all types
  • sensitive

Age category

  • for any age


The skin of the child, sensitive to the effects of external aggressions - cold, wind, friction.


Soft, healthy skin. No redness, irritation, allergies.
Uriage 1er Stick Hydratant (Uriage First Stick moisturizer) for all skin types.
To protect the skin of the nose, lips, cheeks of the child from external aggressions, use the First Moisturizing Stick Uriage. The tool nourishes and moisturizes the most vulnerable areas of the epidermis, supports its elasticity and softness. The formula, enriched with valuable oils and vitamins, stimulates the rapid healing of damaged areas and reduces inflammation. A convenient format in the form of a small stick allows you to take a Uriage 1er Stick Hydratant for a walk, so that your baby’s skin is protected throughout the day.

Active ingredients:

  • carnauba and beeswax protects the epidermis, forming on its surface a thin film that prevents dehydration;
  • Shea butter nourishes, moisturizes, soothes the skin, heals microdamages, has anti-inflammatory activity, protects against UV rays;
  • Borage oil stimulates the microcirculation of blood, tones the skin and prevents its dryness;
  • Vitamins C and E exhibit antioxidant properties, stimulate the renewal of the stratum corneum.

  • without fragrances
  • hypoallergenic

Mode of application

Apply twice a day to the most vulnerable areas of the face (lips, nose, cheeks).