Uryazh KSEMOZ cream lipid-reducing, against irritations of 200 ml


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Uryazh KSEMOZ lipid-reducing cream, against irritation 200 ml

Care for dry, very dry, atopy prone skin

Soft homogeneous emulsion, not greasy



1 Action against irritations, instantly calms
CHRONOXIN: direct effect on inflammatory mediators

Accelerates resolution of inflammation

2 Action enhancing three barriers:

&№216; Regulates microbial barrier:
TSS + TLR2-Regul complex (anti-inflammatory, innate immunity)

&№216; Restores the physical barrier:
TSS + Cerasterol 2F (restores and calms)

&№216; Regulates the immune barrier: TLR2-Regul complex

&№216; Thermal Water Uriage 30%: soothes, moisturizes, film-producing, strengthens the skin barrier, limits virulence and adhesion of bacteria

&№216; Shea butter 10%: lipid-reducing component

&№216; Glycerin, Fitosqualans

Preservatives: Piroctone olamine, o-cymen-5-ol, cetrimide, chlorphenesin

Hypoallergenic - Non-causative - No fragrance - No parabens


&№216; Instantly soothes irritation and itching

&№216; Nourishes, protects

&№216; Reduces dryness

Reduces the frequency of exacerbations


All types of xerosis, from mild to severe: atopy, climatic, senile and iatrogenic

For face and body

For the whole family: babies children and adults


1 - 2 applications per day, or more if necessary