Uryazh TOLEDERM moisturizing cream soothing 50ml


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Uryazh TOLEDERM moisturizing soothing cream 50ml

Specific treatment for hyper-reactive, hypersensitive skin

  • Algae polyuronides: against irritation, protect
  • Fitoskvalan: moisturizes and film action
  • Polydecene: moisturizes and film action
  • Glycerin: moisturizing effect
  • Thermal Water Uriage: soothing effect

Preservatives: chlorfenesin, benzoic acid

Hypoallergenic - Non-medicogenic - Physiological pH

Paraben free - No flavors


Soothes and restricts discomfort

Moisturizing, soothing and protective cream that increases skin resistance to irritating and damaging external factors.

Healing and preventive effects on neurogenic inflammation, due to the combined effect of the Thermal Water Uryazh and polyuronide algae (cf Misery and Eurofins clinical studies)

High level of portability: a minimum of effective active ingredients, only two preservatives, without alcohol, dyes, parabens and flavoring.

For dehydrated, hyper-reactive skin

Apply in the morning and evening on the pre-cleansed face and neck skin