Staff Ali Platinum №10 caps.


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Staff Ali Platinum number 10 caps.

Ali Platinum Staff- a biologically active food supplement made in Malaysia. The main feature of the drug is a unique ingredient - an extract of the root of Euricoma dlinnolistnoy (root Tongkat Ali). This plant has been used for centuries for general healing of the body and increasing sexual desire. The action of the root of the Euricoma long-leaf is many times the effect of all existing analogues. For this reason, this additive is the undisputed market leader.

The composition of the drug "Ali Platinum Staff" is a modern scientific compounding containing a unique blend of plant extracts to enhance the sexual capabilities of men.

TOginseng - 60 mg (in 1 capsule)

Ginseng has a positive effect on the entire body. Recent studies have shown that it contributes to the development of hormones that protect against negative effects. At the same time energy increases, endurance increases. From time immemorial, ginseng was used as a powerful aphrodisiac.

Euricoma root - 120 mg (in 1 capsule)

The root of the plant is the most powerful natural aphrodisiac. It increases testosterone levels, increases erection, increases the duration of sexual intercourse, increases sexual desire and improves immunity.

Royal bee milk - 120 mg (in 1 capsule)

Natural substance. It improves eyesight, memory, appetite, increases hemoglobin level, psychological state, energizes.


Indications for use "Staff Ali Platinum" healthy men to improve the quality of sexual life, for prevention, also for men with weaker sexual activity, with chronic prostatitis, decrease in sexual desire:

to improve the quality of sex life
to improve sexual activity
to prolong intercourse
with difficulty reaching orgasm
premature ejaculation
erectile disfunction
chronic prostatitis
increased libido (sexual attraction)
restores sexual functions
increases testosterone levels 4 times
increase the number and speed of sperm
full control over ejaculation
male infertility treatment
improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs
improves overall well-being
stimulates immunity
relieves mental and physical fatigue
improves performance
Courses of the drug:
prevention - 1 time in half a year (2 packs per course)
from prostatitis - from 3 months (from 3 packs per course)
from infertility - 6 months (from 6 packs per course).

Contra indications "Ali Platinum Staff": individual intolerance to the components of dietary supplements, increased nervous excitability, insomnia, high blood pressure, impaired cardiac activity.

For better absorption do not eat large amounts of food, it is also recommended to limit the consumption of fatty foods, drink enough water.

Release form: 10 capsules in a blister by 382 mg.
Shelf life: 3 years.