Block glucose candy cherry 18pcs chewable pills


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Block glucose candy cherry 18pcs chewable pills

It is not always possible to fully eat or even eat in a hurry. The chewable tablet of the BLOCK can be eaten both at work, and during any action, and in transport. The feeling of hunger goes away - working capacity increases!

- You go home after work. Forces are almost there - but you need to drive a car or wait for the bus. Reach the house will help the energy of the BLOCK!

- Chewable pills UNIT can not get you bored. 15 different tastes - even the most demanding gourmet will be able to find a BLOCK for the soul.

- Chewing sweets are often scattered in a purse. Well, if they do not stain other things and documents! With chewable pill unlock such a problem will not arise. They are tightly packed. It is convenient to separate them one by one, while the remaining pills of the BLOCK do not crumble.

- Make it a rule: before solving a difficult task, eat a chewable tablet UNIT. The right decision will be much easier! Scientists have proven: glucose increases mental alertness.

- Give your child to school chewable pills UNIT. If he wants to have a bite during the lesson or during the control he suddenly feels tired - let him eat a couple of pills. Hunger will go, there will be new forces. The varied tastes of the BLOCK are popular with children. In addition, in the packaging of 18 pills: enough for yourself to eat and treat your friends.

- Chewable pills BLOCK is not cloying to the taste. After them you do not feel like drinking at all - you feel only a pleasant aroma.

- BLOCK chewable pills are based on grape sugar. BLOCK - a natural remedy. It does not bring any harm to the body of a healthy person.
- only benefit!

- BLOCKS are not just candy. They contain vitamins, trace elements, energy tonic. Therefore, they are not sold in stores, but also in the pharmacy.