AlfaVit Energy vitamins pills 60 pcs.


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AlfaVit Energy vitamins pills 60 pcs.

Vitamins for energy and vitality: for effective work and active recreation
The composition, in addition to all the vitamins and essential minerals, includes toning plant extracts and natural energy: Siberian ginseng, lemongrass, succinic acid.
Unlike other complexes, it was developed taking into account scientific recommendations on the separate and co-administration of useful substances. As a result:

  • the probability of allergic reactions is minimized;
  • vitamin prophylaxis is more effective on average by 30–50%.

The components of the complex help to maintain high performance during the day and accelerate the recovery of power after intensive work, stimulate mental activity.


  • Morning tablet (morning energy): folic acid, vitamins, extracts of rhizomes of Siberian ginseng and lemongrass seeds.
  • Daily pill (Vigor of the day): selenium and zinc minerals, succinic acid, rutin, vitamins.
  • Evening pill (Regenerating): folic acid, biotin.

Mode of application

To get the maximum effect from taking the drug, it is necessary to use three pills of different colors separately during the day. The interval between repeated doses should be at least 4-6 hours so that the previous tablet is fully absorbed and can successfully contact the next one. Compared with other drugs, Alphabet must be taken strictly in order. If you have missed several pills, just resume taking from one pill that corresponds to a specific time of day.

Personal intolerance to the components, increased excitability of the nerves, insomnia, pregnancy, high blood pressure, breast feeding