Gilan comfort rr ophthalmic moisturizing 0.18% 0.4ml №30


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Gilan comfort rr ophthalmic moisturizing 0.18% 0.4 ml №30

Moisturizing ophthalmic solution Gilan Comfort (hereinafter - Solution) is a colorless, slightly viscous, odorless liquid.

The composition of the medical product

One tube-dropper solution Gilan Comfort contains: sodium hyaluronate 0.18% (1.62 - 1.98 mg / ml),

sorbitol (18.00 - 22.00 mg / ml), disodium hydrogen phosphate dihydrate (7.48 - 9.14 mg / ml), sodium dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate (2.83 - 3.45 mg / ml), water for injection ( to 0.4 ml).

Properties and Efficiency

The medical device GILAN COMFORT is a sterile 0.18% aqueous solution of sodium hyaluronate, containing no preservatives, in a disposable tube-dropper.

Active ingredient - highly purified sodium hyaluronate, produced by bacterial fermentation. Sodium hyaluronate is a physiological polysaccharide compound found both in the tissues of the eye and in other tissues and fluids of the human body.

A special physicochemical property of sodium hyaluronate molecules is their pronounced ability to bind water molecules. An aqueous solution of sodium hyaluronate (GILAN) has the necessary viscosity and high adhesive properties.

When using GILAN COMFORT ophthalmic solution, a thin uniform film is formed on the epithelium of the cornea that protects the eyes from drying out, irritation and the development of inflammation of the anterior surface of the eyeball. The action of the protective film begins almost immediately, and lasts a long time.

When systematically wearing contact lenses, it is recommended to use Gilan Comfort ophthalmic solution, which contributes to long-lasting hydration of the eye, since its action is identical to natural tear fluid.

The solution has a viscosity index in the range of 3.5 - 6.0 MPa / s.

Ophthalmic solution Gilan Comfort does not contain preservatives, therefore there is no undesirable toxic effect on the eye tissue. Possible long-term use of this drug.

Side effects

Rarely allergic reactions.

Sometimes there is a feeling of gluing of the eyelids due to the viscosity of the solution.

Special conditions

The solution can be used during pregnancy and lactation.

The solution does not apply to products that can affect the psychomotor state of a person, does not affect the ability to drive and work with mechanisms.

You can drip without removing contact lenses.


Moisturizing ophthalmic solution Gilan COMFORT reproduces the effect of natural tears, provides long-lasting hydration of the front surface of the eye (cornea and conjunctiva) and elimination of such symptoms as dryness, irritation, burning, fatigue, feeling of “sand” or a foreign body in the eyes caused by:

- mild to moderate dry eye syndrome,
- “office” syndrome (long-term work at a computer monitor, conditioned air of office premises, etc.),
- long-lasting visual loads (reading, driving a car),
- adverse environmental effects (central heating, air-conditioning, fluorescent lamps, various natural phenomena - wind, cold, dust, smoke, smog),
- long wearing hard and soft contact lenses,
- long-term use of drugs (hormonal, anti-inflammatory drugs, antibiotics, vasoconstrictor ophthalmic drugs),
- a change in hormonal levels (menopause),
- eye diseases: conjugate


Hypersensitivity to any of the components that make up Guilan Comfort ophthalmic solution.

Drug interaction

In the case of combined use with ophthalmic drugs recommended

observe a pause of at least 30 minutes between the instillation of the Gilan Comfort solution and the use of eye drops.

Eye ointments should always be applied after instillation of Guilan Comfort solution.

Ophthalmic moisturizing solution Gilan Comfort instilled 1-2 drops into the conjunctival sac, as needed up to 6 times per day. The contents of 1 tube-dropper (0.4 ml) is designed for one use. Unused Solution should be disposed of immediately after use. Method of instillation of solution Separate one tube-dropper from the rest and open it by turning the cap. To drip the solution into the conjunctival sac, lightly pressing on the tube-dropper, blink several times so that the solution is evenly distributed over the surface of the eye.Throw away the used drip tube.