Derbe / Derbe perfume Aqua del Specialized 100ml


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Derbe Perfume Aqua del Specialized 100ml

These perfumes are dedicated to the creator of the brand DERBE Mauro Kreshi: it was he who, while still a student at the University of Florence, began to collect and systematize ancient recipes of cosmetic and perfume drugs used for beauty and health in the 14-15 centuries.

These perfumes are made up of essential oils, which cause the most intimate feelings to come to mind, stimulate secret desires and thoughts. The fragrance is unisex. This chypre fragrance reminds of moss, forest, trees and flowers. At the same time, it is spicy and opens gradually. The aroma turned out to be rich and persistent, our spirits are sexy, light and wonderfully fall down!

PERFUMES do not contain parabens, are not tested on animals, do not contain ingredients of animal origin or artificial colors. 100% vegan and do not contain vegetable gluten (gluten proteins).

Supplement this fragrance with the means of our luxurious bath and toilet line, which includes shower gel, soap, body creams.