Derbe / Derbe Perfume Mack and Fig 50ml


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Derbe Perfume Poppy and Fig 50ml

The original top notes of this perfume seem to be fruity, and this is true, as figs are soloists here. Later, the aroma becomes very soft and enveloping due to the flower share of ripe poppy. It smells something nice and very familiar. The aroma is sweetish, but with a good share of freshness and airiness, which, with opening, is only gaining strength, making the fragrance truly summer.
The fragrance absolutely does not stifle or bother during the day. Well suited even for hot summer. Our spirits are sexy, light and wonderful fit! Spirits do not contain parabens, are not tested on animals, do not contain ingredients of animal origin or artificial colors. Organic components are “eco friendly”, without vegetable gluten (gluten proteins).