Derbe / Derbe Perfume Spices and Patchouli 50ml


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Derbe / Spirits Spice and Patchouli 50ml

Like a luxurious Oriental velvet, this sensual smell envelops the whole body. At the first contact with the skin, the fragrance opens and surprises with extraordinary elegance.

The composition combines the eastern spices and the depth of the notes of the essential oil of patchouli. From these spirits breathes sensuality and charming femininity. The aroma turned out to be rich and persistent, our spirits are sexy, light and wonderfully fall down!

PERFUMES do not contain parabens, are not tested on animals, do not contain ingredients of animal origin or artificial colors. 100% vegan and do not contain vegetable gluten (gluten proteins).

Supplement this fragrance with the means of our luxurious bath and toilet line, which includes shower gel, soap, body creams.