Warwick tray rectangular with a lid 19.5 x 13.5 x2cm (it1913)


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Warwick tray rectangular with lid 19.5 x 13.5 x2cm (it1913)

Brand and manufacturer of a rectangular tray with a lid 19.5x13.5x2cm - Warwick. Produced in the UK. Special care is not required. It is enough to wash them in warm water with detergent and rinse well, of course, sometimes you can boil or just rinse in freshly boiled boiling water. Warwick products are used by private and public hospitals, the armed forces, home and hospital care for patients, dentistry, veterinary medicine and pharmacies, and it should be noted that the cover can protect its contents. This company offers a whole series of trays and containers for care and treatment. Tray Warwick rectangular with a lid 19.5x13.5x2cm, about which there is a speech, is offered in a perforated form. Tray Warwick rectangular with lid 19.5 x13.5 x2cm able to withstand repeated mode of autoclaving and sterilization at temperatures less than 137C. It is also not unimportant that the perforated tray Vorvik rectangular with a lid 19.5x13.5x2cm is easy to wash and process! Why for the treatment room they choose exactly the Vorvik rectangular trays with a lid 19.5x13.5x2cm - they are simply light and beautiful, convenient for the medical staff, durable, economical, varied in the types of sterilization and processing, have a wide range, varying sizes and shapes.