Alphaplastic Esmarch Mug 1,5l (№2)


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Alphaplastic Esmarch Mug 1,5l (№2)

Esmarch Mug number 2
Designed for douching and cleansing enemas, slimming enemas. Two nozzles are included in the package: firm and soft.

Esmarch's mug is used in medical institutions to cleanse the intestines before the examination or operation, as well as at home as a cleansing and therapeutic enemas for constipation, slagging of the intestines, as well as enemas for weight loss. In addition, the circle is used for gynecological procedures: irrigation or douching.

Esmarch's mug consists of a rubber reservoir for a liquid of one, one and a half or two liters, depending on the item number. A tube with a mounted clip is attached to the container. To control the movement of the fluid, the tube is made of transparent medical PVC. The clamp allows you to control the flow rate of the solution.

The Esmarch cup includes two tips: hard (PE) - 95x7.4 mm and soft (PVC) - 76x7 mm. Tip can be changed by lowering the end of the tube into the water with hot water.

The Esmarkh Mug has no age limit and is suitable for all family members.
Before carrying out procedures consult with the doctor.

The advantages of mugs - "Alpha":

  • manufactured from high quality materials, agreed with the health authorities;
  • do not contain toxic and allergic components;
  • are completed with a transparent tube;
  • have two tips included: soft (PVC) and solid (PE);
  • suitable for repeated and long-term use;
  • resistant to repeated disinfection.

Warranty period - 3.5 years from the date of manufacture.