Alphaplastic Esmarch Mug 1l (№1)


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Alphaplastic Esmarch Mug 1l (№1)

Alphaplastic Esmarkh Mug
Clinical pharmacology:
Type A.
Capacity: 2 liters.

Storage conditions:

• Store suspended in a loop state indoors at a temperature from 0 to 25 ° C at a distance of at least 1 m from heating devices, not subject to direct sunlight, oils, gasoline and other solvents.
• Warranty period of storage: 3,5 years from the moment of production.
• Warranty period: 2 years.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Do not use after expiration date


The kit includes:
• Hot-water bottle assembly 1 pc.
• Screw stopper with a through hole 1 pcs.
• Tip for children 1 pc.
• Tip for adults 1 pc.
• Uterine tip 1 pc.
• Rubber tube 1 pc.
• Clamp.
In the package 1 set.

Mode of application

• Rinse the heating pad with hot water at a temperature not exceeding 90 ° C, wipe twice outside with a gauze pad moistened with a 1% by weight solution of chloramine or a 3% by weight solution of hydrogen peroxide with 0.5% by weight of a detergent solution funds ("News", "Astra", "Progress", "Lotus"), then rinse with running water. When using a heating pad to warm the body locally, screw the plug into the sleeve.
• When using a heating pad for rinsing and douching, replace the plug with a screw valve with a through hole, at the free end of which put a rubber tube and pass it through a wide part of the T-shaped hole of the clip. Insert the tip (when flushing) or the uterine tip (when syringing) into the other end of the rubber tube.
• Before each use, for washing and douching the heating pad, along with the system attached for this purpose, should be disinfected with one of the above solutions, attach the sterilized tip.
• Mode of disinfection, presterilizing cleaning and sterilization, chemicals used, processing sequence - according to OST 42-21-2.
• For individual use, it is possible to disinfect a heating pad with a system of the above solutions not before each use. At the same time, wash the heating pad with the system with hot water at a temperature not exceeding 90 ° C, attach the handpiece treated with 1% chloramine solution for 30 minutes or 3% by weight with hydrogen peroxide solution for 80 minutes and rinse with hot running water.
• After each use, immerse the tip of the heating pad used in the medical institution into one of the disinfecting solutions.After each use, wash the tip for personal use with running water and soap and rinse.
• After applying the heater for local warming of the body, release from water and hang over the loop. The heater for rinsing and douching with the system for this purpose, rinse with hot running water and hang over the loop. At the same time, the clamp should be moved to a position that allows all water to be released from the heater.