Alphaplastic harness styptic Esmarch


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Alphaplastic Harness Hemostatic Esmarkh

Hemostatic harnesses used in traumatology and in everyday life in the provision of first aid to temporarily stop bleeding from the vessels of the extremities. In addition, the tourniquet can be used to exsanguinate tissues during operations on the extremities, to compress the venous vessels during blood sampling and other medical purposes.

OJSC "Association Alfaplastic" produces two types of rubber hemostatic harnesses - Esmarkha and Alpha.

Plaits hemostatic rubber type "Esmarkh"
It is used to temporarily stop arterial or venous bleeding at a site of the body.

Esmarch's hemostat:

- made from high quality elastic rubber;
- does not contain toxic and allergic elements;
- does not lose shape when reusable;
- resistant to multiple chemical treatments.

Shelf life- 5 years from the date of production.

 Lifetime - 1 year.