Alphaplastic hot-water bottle usual rubber A3 (3 l)


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Alpha Plastic Warmer A3 Rubber (3L)

Hot-water bottle A3 has a volume of 3 liters.

The rubber hot-water bottle is simple and convenient in operation both in house conditions, and in medical institutions. It is used for general and local heating of tissues, cooling for bruises, for colds, and cold in rooms.

Rubber warmers are divided into types: A (normal) and B (combined heater). Type A is used for local warming or cooling of the body, and type B is used for heating, cooling and washing the intestines or gynecological procedures (douching), due to the presence of additional attachments.

Attention! The type B heaters include 3 tips: for children, adult, uterine.

Hot water bottles are packaged in euro suspension bags.

Advantages of rubber heaters "Alpha":
- are suitable for repeated and long use;
- made from high quality materials with the requirements of GOST;
- do not contain toxic and allergic components;
- safe for children and adults;
- resistant to repeated disinfection.

Warranty period - 3.5 years from the date of manufacture.