Pessary uterine Juno type 1


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Pessary uterine Juno type 1

The shape of the uterine pessary "Yunona" plastic resembles a deep cup with a hole in the center and small peripheral punctures. The first is provided for the cervix. Circumferential lateral punctures are designed to allow the vaginal secretions to exit unhindered.

Indications for use pessary:

  • correction of pelvic organs in the omission of the vagina and uterus (II-III century), when surgery for one reason or another is contraindicated;
  • prolapse of the uterus, provoking urinary incontinence;
  • delay of surgical intervention to correct the prolapse of gynecological organs.

Plastic uterine pessaries are also installed if the woman categorically disagrees with the operation, but accepts a non-invasive correction of the pathology. Juno pessaries are produced in three versions, different from each other by the external diameter and width of the main hole. To choose the best option, as well as to install it, the attending physician (obstetrician-gynecologist) must.

Types of uterine pessaries

pessary type outside diameter marking color
type 1 63 &№177; 2.5 mm green
type 2 68 &№177; 2.5 mm pink
type 3 73 &№177; 2.5 mm Orange

Features of the use of uterine pessaries plastic

Pessary "Juno" is designed for continuous use. In order to check the correctness of the initial installation, 10-12 days after the introduction of the pessary, the woman must re-visit the doctor. During the examination, the specialist assesses the position of the pessary in the vagina, carefully examines the condition of the mucosa. In the future, such visits become more rare and are recommended to be held once in 21-30 days.

For the introduction of the uterine pessary plastic, you should use a water-based lubricant that enhances the plastic slip along the genital tract. Before reintroducing the product at home, wash the pessary with soap and treat it with an antiseptic.